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E J Rose Automatics Ltd


The UK's Leading Independent Automatic Gearbox Specialists. Repairs Rebuilds and Reconditioned Gearboxes.

With over 30 years experience, we are fully equipped with the latest hydraulic and electronic diagnostic equipment from manufacturers worldwide. To repair, rebuild and recondition gearboxes.
Transmission specialists were generally regarded as among the most extensively trained and knowledgeable of all the automotive mechanics. To perform their job adequately, they needed to be familiar with all features of transmission technology, including electronic, hydraulic and computer systems and strategy's. In addition, they had to understand automotive fundamentals outside their chosen area of expertise in order to distinguish between transmission-related problems and those stemming from some other source.

In fact transmission specialist had to achieve much the same level of knowledge as the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence or certified "master technician" in order to perform repairs on what was arguably the most sensitive and complicated area of the modern motor car.
The many interrelated components of the transmission and the different technologies regulating their functioning (hydraulics, electronics and computers for instance), means that transmission specialists have to be able to weld a wide variety of tools and expertise, including the use of micrometers and telescoping gauges, special pullers, electronic stethoscopes, and transmission jacks.

Transmission repair experts also face a variety of challenges in how to re flash ECU's, replace modules, recode & reinitialize transmission and other systems that communicate with each other.
There dangers to the job, from weight and bulk of transmissions to the hot transmission fluid, with the odour from burnt clutch disc lining / friction materials.

The reason your car maybe with us today, is because nobody else wants to repair complicated transmission problems because it takes TIME to properly diagnose & repair your transmission system. E J Rose have that expertise, experience and knowledge plus time to repair even the most complicated problems on a numerous make of transmissions.
E J Rose undertake the repair almost any make of Automatic Transmission on the market today...


We continue to strive to ensure that our technical information is up to date with the latest automatic technical information. Here are some videos of some of the gear boxes that we can repair and service.



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We've also added a customer contact form. You can send our customer service staff messages and leave contact details for them to get in touch. When you have submitted your comments they will be directed to our staff to help resolve any questions or enquiries you may have. Please click on the picture to be directed to our Online Customer Service Page.


We can save you valuable time and money too, as we also diagnose faults in airbags, ABS systems, body electrics and engines. With a large stock of gearboxes, torque converters and valve bodies we can offer a swift and efficient service and all work is guaranteed. Please contact our sales staff for more information.
For information on driving automatic vehicles, please see our driving autos page for an in depth explanation and correct usage of automatic transmissions. You can access that resource by clicking here.



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