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1. What details do I need to provide?
2. Do you service my make of vehicle?
3. How long before I get my quote?
4. What happens next?
5. Can I get a quote over the telephone?

What details do I need to provide?

To get an accurate quotation from our engineers, You should provide as many details as possible. Some quotations simply cannot be done without seeing the vehicle or gearbox in question but will will call you to advise of this.  (Back to Top)

Do you service my make of vehicle?

Here at E J Rose, we have the latest technology from the worlds leading car manufacturers. We are able to diagnose and repair almost all makes of car. Please use our online quotation system or call us for a personalised quote.   (Back to Top)

How long before I get my quote?

We endeavour to provide all quotes within 4 working hours. Obviously this is not always possible depending on the nature of your fault but we guarantee to make contact with you as soon as we can (Back to Top)

What happens next?

Once you have provided all your details and have submitted them to us our engineer will call you to arrange booking in the service/repair. Once booked in we will keep in touch with you every step of the way.   (Back to Top)

Can i get a quote over the telephone?

You can if you wish obtain a general quote over the telephone. This may take longer as our engineers do not have time to obtain technical details about your fault. We can however look into it and then call you back.  (Back to Top)

Please fill in all details as this will greatly improve the speed of your quote.

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Online Quotation System

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Online Quotes:

Additional Notes:    Although we do try our very best to provide you with a personalised quotation within 4 working hours, this is not always possible as the nature of your fault may not be evident until a thorough diagnostic has been carried out on your vehicle. In this case we will advise you to arrange booking your service/repair in for our technicians to quote you.


General Information:  If you experience any fault using our online system, then please call us on 01623 245875 or email our webmaster here.


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